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Bread And Chocolate - Philippa Gregory

As any collection of short stories, there were some better than others but overall, I enjoyed this book. It was perfect for this time of year for me because I had to prepare exams and classes, so I was able to read one or two in between college and work.

Mostly all the stories revolved around women. They were either the main characters or the ones that caused a greater effect on the protagonists. I quite enjoyed the different kind of women that Philippa Gregory created and I rooted for them and felt identified with a few of them.

As regards writing, I continue to find Gregory interesting. I've read one of her historical novels and was completly inmmersed in the story, the characters and the historical period. She has a way with words that enages the reader quite fast. That's why in a few stories where the plotline was completly unappealing or boring , I found myself reading on just because of the writing style.

My favourite were The Favour, The Conjuring Trick (I was very surprised to find her writing something like that but it was VERY good), The Wave Machine (this one was very sweet) and Going Downriver.