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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn



This book was amazing! I’ve read everywhere that the story was really messed up, that the characters were messed up, that once you start you can’t put it, blah-blah. There was so much hype around it that I just didn’t think the book was going to be as good. I’m so glad I was wrong. I was hooked since the beginning. The shared POVs were handled incredibly well and there were always mini-cliffhangers that made me want to continue reading.


As for the characters, I can’t say I liked any of them but, nevertheless, I still found their interactions and development in their stories really interesting to read.

I thought the idea of exploring a marriage from the inside (Nick and Amy’s) and comparing it with others (Nick’s parents’ and Amy’s parents’) was very engaging. Even though Nick and Amy’s situation were taken to an extreme, it’s not rare to see the problems they face in everyday life.


And THAT ENDING!!! The ending was wonderful. It left the story open for the readers to come up with whatever resolution they like. I like open endings when they are done right and this one was done in a marvelous way.


I’m extremely happy with how much Gone Girl lived up to my expectations.