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Batman: The Killing Joke - Alan Moore, Brian Bolland

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I really liked how this comic explored The Joker’s past. Using flashbacks of what happened to him before his accident, the author drew parallelism with both Batman’s past and origins and Gordon’s present nightmare. Also, I liked that idea that even The Joker himself isn’t sure of what his origins were.

I loved the idea that tragedy can break even the most honest man and that everyone is capable of going as mad as the villains.

The other aspect I liked was that the ending didn’t actually give the reader a certain answer as to what was the outcome of the encounter between Batman and The Joker. Knowing Batman, one can say that there's only one possibilty but the general tone of the comic, dark and twisted, can lead us to think otherwise.

I’m sad to read that the author himself doesn’t find this to be an interesting read because I enjoyed it a lot.