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Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!


I strongly advice you to get the audio version of her book (as I did) because, since it is read and acted it out by Miranda herself, it makes the entire experience even more enjoyable.


If you are a fan of Miranda's sitcom, you'll love this book. It's like a new season for her show. There are hilarious accounts about her growing up in a all-girl school, dealing with being as tall and clumsy as she is, dating, etc.


She touches on a few more "serious" topics but they are not extensive or annoying and, as Miranda admits, she cannot deal with a lot of seriousness without cracking a joke.


I was extremely delighted that she kept adressing the readers (listener, in my case) and making them active participants of the book by using the term "My dear reader chum" and her usual phrase "get it".


Even though I laughed out loud during the whole listening process, I couldn't shake the feeling that some of her anecdotes were TOO weird and TOO comedic to be 100% true. That's the only thing I can criticize but, in all honesty, it didn’t bother me that much.