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The Kane Chronicles, Book Three The Serpent's Shadow - Rick Riordan Rick Riordan has proven once again that he's capable of writing amazing endings. As well as he did with Percy Jackson and the Olympians' last book, he successfully answered all the questions that had risen during the previous books without giving the reader a moment of boredom.Even though I didn't enjoy this series as much as Percy..., I thoroughly enjoyed The Serpent’s Shadow.Every single chapter was filled with action and witty comments Riordan is known for. The romantic aspect was always present but did not eclipse the main focus of the book and the ultimate challenge the Kane had to face. I think one of the main reason I endure reading Sadie's chapters was the promise of a sudden appearance of the flawless, swoon-inducing god of the dead, Anubis. I fell in love with the character as much as Sadie did.Riordan hinted of a continuity of the series and even a crossover between his Greek mythology series by the end, which I find both interesting and disappointed. I know that a crossover would be AMAZING but I find that the whole children-descending-from-the-gods-with-superpowers-needed-to-save-the-world concept is starting to get a bit repetitive. Rick has a wonderful way with words that make his stories very interesting and amusing. That is why I feel that he should try to come up with a different idea. I know he's capable of writing page-turning books so I'd love to see him embark in another project completely different to his mythology works. Maybe a mystery story like his Tres Navarre series or a DIFFERENT fantasy novel.All in all, another grand finale for a good (tiny bit disappointing for me but I did have very high expectations) series.