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Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

I liked the book but there were details that prevent me from enjoying it more.I liked the fact that we don't really know the second Mrs. Maxim de Winter's first name. It enhances the fact that she is so overshadowed by Rebecca.

At the same time, I was annoyed by it. I kept on rolling my eyes everytime the second Mrs. de Winter met a new character in Maxim's life. Her lack of confidence irrated me to no end. Her character never seemed to develop and she was constantly complaining about how she would never be the same as Rebecca but still, she didn't do anything to try to convince people that she was a REAL person.

The plot twist was pretty obvious and I saw it coming a mile away but I still enjoyed how the events unfold.Which brings me to my next "criticism". I don't understand this woman's reason for marry Maxim. Yeah, he's rich but they have nothing in common and they practically ignore each other, except when Maxim bullies her. And still she claims to love him after he confesses having killed Rebecca. I really don't see it possible.I guess I liked the concept of the book but I didn't enjoy the way it was executed.