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Arsène Lupin, caballero ladrón - Maurice Leblanc, Lorenzo Garza

A wonderful wonderful read. Lupin has been compared to Sherlock Holmes a lot and I truly believe Lupin to be superior. He's witty, intelligent and charming and even though he's a bad guy, one can't help but love him.

In this book, each chapter describes a mini story, which is related and intertwined with the main story arc. As it is the case with most of collections, there were some stories better than others.
The first 4 chapters were HIGHLY entertaining. I really like the fact that sometimes, the reader could not tell who the narrator was up till almost the end of the story.
The chapters in the middle dragged a bit, with cases that were not very appealing to me. Finally, in the last chapter, we are introduced to Herlock Holmes. I love how cheeky Lupin was to Herlock and I cannot wait to see them meet again.

I received this in Spanish from Netgalley and the only thing I could criticize is the translation. There were times were the dialogues were very confusing and the choice of words didn't feel natural, which distracted me from the story.

Having heard so much about Lupin before reading something by Leblanc, I was afraid that I had set my expectations too high and the character wouldn't be as great as I was hoping him to be. I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

I received a copy of this via NetGalley, for an honest review.