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Batman: Year One - Frank Miller

This is the very first comic I have ever read and I really loved it!
My main concern with comics is that I'm always worried about not being able to follow the different panels of the pages, especially when there is a fight scene happening, but I did not feel lost at all with this one. I was very invested in the story and, fortunately, had no problems with the panels at all.


The characters drew me in immediately. I have always been fascinated with Batman and all the sides there are to him but I found myself longing for the Gordon's side of the story more than Bruce's. Gordon had his flaws but grew throughout the comic, becoming more confident and comfortable with his decisions. I was also impressed with how much he stood out, he wasn't just waiting around for Batman to appear and help him, just the opposite; he got things done.


Even though I was captivated by Gordon's storyline, Bruce's side was very interesting as well. I really liked being in his head, to see his fears and doubts. It made him human and less the superhero with cool phrases I'm used to.


Alfred continues to be awesome and sassy in all the versions I come in contact with.

I also really liked the appearances of known characters of the Batman universe, as well as, references to other DC comics (Alfred teasing Bruce with Superman was awesome).


As regards the pacing, I thought it was very well done. I wasn’t that much bothered with the events but more of the characters’ reactions to them. I was more interested in how fighting thugs and small gangs help Bruce understand how his new life as Batman should be and how clashing with the other cops help Gordon realize what he needed to do to be a cop in Gotham.

Also, I really appreciated that there weren’t any of the major villains and the story was focused on how Bruce perfected the Batman act. After all, he decided to become a “vigilante” to fight off the mops and gangs, not the psychopaths.


Year one is a very engaging comic with very interesting characters. I’m definitely going to read more of Batman comics.