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Batman: The Man Who Laughs - Ed Brubaker, Doug Mahnke, Patrick Zircher

Year One finishes with Gordon mentioning an attack that was going to happen at the hands of a man who calls himself The Joker. The Man Who Laughs picks up from there and I have to say that didn’t enjoy this story as much as Year One.

There is still a double narrative, changing perspectives between Gordon and Batman, but I found that everything I liked about Gordon’s character in the previous story was not present in this one. Batman was more on the front of the action and he truly took charge of the situations.

As regards The Joker, I wasn’t really impressed with his introduction. As he often gets the title of Batman main rival, I was expecting a more grandiloquent story and this wasn’t the case.

However, I quite enjoyed the second story Made of Wood. In this one, Batman teams up with Green Lantern to find copy-cat murderer who is killing the same way as serial killer did ten years before. Green Lantern was an interesting character to read and I liked that we got flashbacks to the previous investigation as well as Batman and Lantern current investigation. In this story, Gordon has an active role again, which I appreciate very much.

Overall, I liked the stories but I was expecting more.