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A World Without Heroes - Brandon Mull

A World Without Heroes is more of a 3.5 book for me. The main idea for the story was quite interesting as well as the characters. But I wasn't entirely hooked by this book. I often felt like some scenes were made longer for no purpose at all and then, there was A LOT of action to make up for it. That’s why there were times when I couldn’t put the book down and others that I just couldn’t care less about reading
It’s a shame because both the idea for the story and the characters were very ingenious. Jason was a great main character and Maldor a believable villain. The side characters were also very interesting but sometimes the ongoing introduction of new characters made me feel a bit overwhelmed.

I did not like the ending AT ALL. It was something to expect from a character like Maldor but still felt too cruel. As I said, I’m not that invested in this book to jump right into the second book but I’ll definitely finish the trilogy in the future.