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Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen

I really wanted to love this book but it just wasn’t the case. The premise sounded amazing- a bad-ass girl dressed up as a boy to be a part of Robin Hood’s gang, how awesome is that? But to me, everything in this book felt forced.  Starting off with the way she talked. She was supposed to talk with ungrammatical sentences and slang but she would talk SOMETIMES like an illiterate and sometimes like a proper lady. It made it so hard for me to get into the story because her narrative voice didn’t feel genuine to me. It can be argued that it was done on purpose because of what is revealed later on but still, it was so difficult to get invested in the story with an inconsistency like that.

Then, the romance. It was more than obvious that she was going to have a thing for Robin but was it really necessary to have a love triangle? It was so very much like insta-love and, like I mentioned before, very forced.

And lastly, the villain. Gisbourne felt like a cartoon villain. There was no middle ground with him and nothing he did was justified. It would have been nice to see some insight on why he felt he needed to do what he did or at least, some more backstory.

The pacing was ok. There was some action, which I quite enjoyed and found refreshing after chunks of the romantic aspect of the story.
Quite disappointed with this book but it was still enjoyable, especially towards the end.