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Dolores Claiborne - Stephen King

Stephen King is definitely my favourite author. I am always blown away by his creativity and his ability to always re-invent himself. Even though he is best known for his horror stories, he does write outside that genre and very well indeed, in my opinion.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t have any issues with this book. As with Scarlet, the character’s way of talking made it very hard to get into the story. Unlike Scarlet, Dolores’ speech was consistent and it did seem genuine.


My other problem was the focus of the story. Dolores promised to talk about a murder but instead, rambled on describing Vera’s life and personality. Mind you, it was very interesting but I was looking forward to read about Dolores’ life and not Vera’s. Once the narrative started to focus more on Dolores, I was completely hooked.


This book was suggested on the back of my copy of Rose Madder and I’m glad I picked it up. My main issue with Rose Madder was that the wonderful and very engaging premise was spoiled by the supernatural aspect. There was no supernatural aspect in this book, which made me enjoy this one a lot more than Rose Madder.