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Arsène Lupin contra Herlock Sholmès (Spanish Edition) - Maurice Leblanc

I received a copy of this via NetGalley, for an honest review.

My expectations for this book were incredibly high. I loved the first book, especially the last bit where Herlock and Lupin met, and I was really looking forward to this one.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away by it as I thought I would be. The first story wasn’t very entertaining to me. Herlock and Lupin’s interactions were amazing and I absolutely loved how cheeky Lupin was. That being said, I found the actual crime not interesting at all and both Herlock and Wilson were very dense. When he wasn’t talking to Lupin, Herlock acted just like the silly detectives that were trying to catch Lupin instead of a real match for the Thief.

The second story, on the other hand, was more interesting. Again, Herlock and Lupin’s showdown was wonderful and I loved how Lupin teased Herlock about their roles being switched.

Good but not as good as I expected