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The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie

I actually loved the first part of this book. It was funny, interesting, and full of satire and action. But as I continue reading, the story seemed to be getting serious and sometimes confusing.


During the second part, the characters and the story didn't seem like the same characters during the first part of the book. I was starting to get a bit disappointed especially because of the insta-love as it became the fuel for the development and the course the story was taking. At one point, it became too serious, not the novel I was expecting to read when I picked up this book, which made me struggle with it a bit.


What kept me wanting to read on was Hugh Laurie's style of writing. He used a lot of cliché lines and kept on questioning them and making fun of them. I really really like how Tom talked and narrated the story. He was a funny, realistic character and he was really a good man.


All in all, I really enjoyed this book and I immensely enjoyed Hugh Laurie's writing. I hope he does write something else.