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The Swan Kingdom - Zoe Marriott

The story in this book was very interesting. The magic elements in it were quite interesting too but the writing sometimes dragged on a bit. I felt that, even though it was beautifully written, there were passages that were unnecessarily and painfully long.

As regards characters, it took me a bit to like Alexandra, the main character, and I started to like her more at about the middle, almost end, of the book. The male characters were very likeable, especially Gabriel, who I fell in love with.
The villain for this one was amazing! She reminded me so much of the villains in old Disney movies. Her relationship and rivalry with Alexandra was one of my favourite things to read in the book

Although the plot was interesting and that I read it quite fast, I'm not completely blown away by this story. Maybe I set my expectations too high and they were simply not met. I'd like to read the author's other work, though.